puaha valley trial – 24th february


From Little River travel 3.6km towards Akaroa and turn right onto Puaha Valley Rd. Follow Road approx. 7km. property on the left. (N.B. This is the stock Rd to the hilltop)

Please ensure that you bring your MNZ licence and that your bike is fitted with a engine kill lanyard.

Rider Sign-On 9:30am to 10am

Rider’s Briefing: 10am

Event Starts at 10:30am

Twilight trial glenelg spur january 2019

Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Total
Derek Scott 26 14 8 48
Wille Ahomiro 23 16 9 48
Jules H Training new riders

Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Total
Alan Honeybone 3 5 2 10
John Regan 5 2 3 10
Peter Hosking 13 7 6 26
Rob McKay 13 10 8 31
Ashley Duncan 14 13 10 37
Paul Jackson 25 15 16 56
Matt Stockman 27 16 20 63
Tui Scott (No Card)
Hamish Barnett (No Card)
Simon Jones (No Card)
Kahu Jones (No Card)

Clubman A
Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Total
Gareth Gore 16 1 1 18
Steve Fisher 9 9 1 19
Nigel Bunny 13 5 3 21
Peter Dunn (No Card)
Christine Thompson 0 (DNF)
Peter Barnett (No Card)
Graham Honeybone (No Card)


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To see some great photos taken by Peter and Lynette Barnett please click on the following link: Flickr

As always the club’s thanks to Peter and Lynette for these great photos.



SI Championship Results – Round 3 and 4

South Island Championship Results 

Please click on the following links to see the results of the two day event in Marlborough on the 22nd and 23rd of September.

Round 3:

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Round 4:

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The club’s thanks for the results from the SilverBullet Web site.

“Have-a-go” Day

Hi Folks,

As the October 7th Pioneer Trial has been cancelled, due to the club’s commitment to the up and coming FIM National event, the Club is hosting a “Have-a-go” day, at the Waimak Trials Park, on the same date.

The event will start at 10am and finish about 4pm.

An electric powered Beta will be available for those that wish to ride, it has 20 inch wheels so suitable for kids up to 14 years old.

Jules will be available to help with use of the bike and will be bringing a BBQ for afterwards. 





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