2015 Jock Cain Memorial Kaikoura 3 Day Moto-Trial

Hi Everyone,
Yes it’s that time of the year again the Kaikoura 3 Day trial, it was very sad to report to everyone that Jock Cain had passed away so we thought that we should call it the Jock Cain Memorial Kaikoura 3 day trial for this year.

Jock and Beryl have come out to the Kaikoura trial to check out the action for many year’s and it will be good to have Beryl carry on the tradition this year as well.

So get cracking and send in your entries to Ross or Internet banking please remember to include your surname as it makes it easier to cross reference it later, book your accommodation and ferry bookings make sure you leave plenty of time to be included in the prize giving etc on the Monday.


2015 Kaikoura Entry form

Indochina Motorcycle Tours

Wouldn’t normally post something like this but it can in via the website mail and is something I would be keen to give a go (although not sure I could get time off work this year). So thought I’d post it and see if anyone else has an interest in doing something like this.

Cheers, Scotty

Hallo fellow Motorcycle Rider’s
Mac and I are Marlborough based; booking classic motorcycle tours in Indochina.
We advertise mainly by word-of-mouth, or newsletters of the clubs we belong to, but would appreciate it if you could pass on our information on the September tour on your notice board or web site.
Some of you know us, some may have run across us at rallies’ but even if this is the first time you have heard of us take the time to check out our website


This push is to get riders from the South Island to join our ‘”Southerner’s Invasion Tour” which departs Christchurch 5th Sept for 17 days of the most winding hill country Vietnam has to offer. Check out our website for videos! Our May and August tours are sold out – to North Islanders… and we thought it would be great to take some mainlanders for a change. The tour is along the China Border at the very highest North-eastern side of the country.

Chris de Wagt


Training Weekend

The proposed Training weekend this weekend has been postponed to later in the year. Unfortunately with the short notice we were unable to confirm enough numbers to make it worthwhile.

Keep an eye out for the revised date later in the year.


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