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S.I. Champs Nelson 2008 “An Observers View”

This unsolicited email was recieved by Gordon Anderson after the recent Championship event in Nelson.  What a great endorsement of our sport this is. This was Matthias's first Trials experience and all those involved in the event should give themslves a pat on the back. As Gordon puts it "Obviously we're a better breed of blokes (and girls)."




Hi Gordon


Thanks for the opportunity to be up close to the action last weekend.

It was very exciting and I had a great time.  Apart from the skill level I was taken aback with the courtesy and friendliness of the riders.  Almost everyone thanked me at the end and, while there was plenty of youthful exuberance with young guys hopping about for practice and fun, I saw none of this macho bravado sometimes associated with motor sports.  It had a nice family atmosphere about it, and I'd like to thank the organising and "catering team" for looking after me (us).


Please let me know if/when there is a "have-a-go" day or similar, time permitting, I will give it a try.


Only during the final minutes I had a chance to take some pictures.

Before sending them, are you on broadband?  Even after some reduction they add up to around 4MB so I'd thought I better ask first.  Of course you will recognise the guys (a few nice ones of your boy); feel free to pass them on (folk are welcome to contact me for the full resolution if needed).  But then, you guys may already have tons of them… 🙂


All the best




The Olliver Boys recently made the trip to Japan for the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial. The boys both had good results with Nick finishing 4th and Peter 15th.


Provisional result as below.


1  Takumi Narita    14

2  Fumitaka Nozaki  21

3  Nick Oliver      28

4  Kenichi Kuroyama 36(40 clean)

5  Ryo Narita       36(36 clean)

15 Peter Oliver     66

To read more about the trial and the boys trip, go to The Non-Stop Website


S.I. Champs Nelson 2008

Hope you all got home safely after the weekend. Thanks to you all for turning up. It was great having a championship round again up here in SUNNY Nelson. I have attached the full Excel version of the results from rounds 5 & 6.(see results page) There is more than enough data to keep even the geekiest amongst you amused for hours, however for those of you that really just turn up for the camaraderie and friendship, I have saved you the bother and listed the high and lowlights of the weekend: 


1.     The weather!!!!! 

2.     The scenery and weather!! 

3.     You guys. 

4.     Jason Baker clinching his 10th SI Expert title. Is this unprecedented?  Surely. Well done Jace. However……. 

5.     Nick Oliver for winning his first Championship Round in Expert grade (on brand new, never been ridden sections). Better keep practicing Jason!! 

6.     The weather. 

7.     Brady Inwood for surviving the Saturday on his first ever Clubman (Junior) competition, let alone championship competition. Welcome to the Champs Brady. 

8.     Stef Downes for wining the wet T-shirt competition, 2 days in a row. 

9.     Bryan Penney for returning after an absence of 2 years to take out Presidents on Saturday’s tough course…….how did that feel Ross?  

10.  Callum Anderson for being the only person with a clean lap on the tough Saturday… acclaim normally reserved for Steve (clean lap.again) Oliver!!. 

11.  Daniel Penney (ex SI Junior Champ) returning after an absence of 2 years. Unlike Samson, he has not lost any talent by cutting his dreadlocks off!!  (Pioneer – Daniel is now in Chch. Ball is now in your court.). 

12.  The weather 

13.  No Brendon (all right for oil?) Wadsworth!! 

14.  Paul Jackson for 7 cleans on section 10 over the weekend. This must be incredible because Steve Oiliver only managed 6!! That man obviously likes a rough ride! 

15.  Sam Reid for getting the better of Darryl on the Sunday. And I thought those long arms and legs were only an advantage for hanging on on the big stuff?  Who knows what could have happend if he didn’t have the bike problem Chch. Bring on the Nationals!! 

16.  The weather. 

17.  Dave Atwool, the first ever social rider at a SI Champ round. Well done Dave. You forced the use of an unprecedented number of trafficators in an event. Confused the s**t out of the Red and Yellow Dunedin boys. They don’t need trafficators, they only use red and whites in their club trials!! 

18.  And finally, Bob Coke presenting the prizes. Fantastic to see you out there again Bob. Hope to see you in Alex.  


1.     The most obvious LOWLIGHT must go to Steve Oliver who felt he had to imitate Roy Orbiston on Saturday night. Hope the eyes get better soon Steve. 

2.     Bryan (Bandito) Penney for not riding Intermediate!!!!. Nobody can hang on quite like you Bryan!!  No pressure Bryan but just get up there. Have you never heard of Staus Quo!!.. 

3.     Only one rider down from the North Island. Thanks for flying the flag Steve. Although according to Paul Jackson this is a highlight of the weekend. 

4.     The fact there is no Master’s class to put Steve (Orbiston) Oliver into!! 

5.     The fact that the Junior Title had to be decided on a ruling after Callum and Blake had tied over the series each with three  1sts and three  2nds over the six rounds. Never mind Blake, home turf for the Nationals. 

6.     Me for ending up a miserable last in my own event. Not only last but finished off the weekend with 3 fives… in front of friends and family!! I’m sure next time will be easier.  

Finally, a big thanks to our Championship sponsors, Trailsport NZ, Nelson & Marlborough Trials Centre and Kapiti Motor Cycles. Thanks guys, it all helps.   

See you all in Alex.  

Gordon Anderson 

Time Penalties:- The Hot Topic

Time Penalties – The Hot Topic 

After the commotion at the recent Wellington round of the North Island Champs, time penalties have become the hot topic for discussion. For what it’s worth here’s what I think.

I think the system is the best solution we’ve ever come up with. I think it’s fair for everyone and stops people who have had a problem during the day being excluded from the results. It also stops people mucking about and taking their time for no reason. The alternatives weren’t great and always a bit unclear. Pulling the sections at a set time seemed ambiguous, was it starting at section 1 or all the sections at once? How do we get the section at the end of the valley to pull his pegs at the right time? Do we let the riders in the queue ride or send them away? No, my feeling is this is the best way. It’s the same for everyone and it’s very clear what the penalties are for not finishing on time.

I think there are a couple of other issues that we should be addressing. Firstly this obsession with trying to finish a trial in the middle of the day and then there’s this seeming acceptance that, even though it’s contrary to the rules, it’s O.K. to “take a five” without attempting the section.

I don’t know why it is, and we see it at our club trials as well, but everyone seems so keen to get finished packed up and go home. At Wellington the organisers wanted to finish at 2.30pm. Why?? I know some people have to travel a long way home but that’s not an issue for the organisers; that’s for the individual to worry about. The event shouldn’t be tailored to suit the travel arrangements of a few. I doubt we’ll ever see the All Blacks walking off the field 20mins into the second half because they’ve got a plane to catch. I think we go out for the day and not ½ a day. A 3.30/4.00 finish should be the norm. I don’t think riders will stay away from an event because it finishes 1 hour later.

Now, this “taking a five” thing. I am against any rule change to make this within the rules. The rules are quite clear; if you don’t attempt the section it’s a 10 point penalty. To change that rule goes against the spirit and objective of the sport. That is “To attempt to ride your motorcycle through a section without footing”. Any rule change that would allow you do anything else is contrary to that basis. What reward would there be for actually attempting the section? And in some cases why would you bother risking damage or injury or wasting energy when you could just opt out completely?  No I believe that we should be enforcing that rule not removing it. That means (if you want to “take a five”) sitting in the queue and putting your front wheel through the start pegs. If you’ve had an accident or breakdown and can’t finish then you should get a DNF. If you’re running late then you should get time penalties. If there’s a big queue at a section (like in Wellington) then you have to sit there just like everyone else or you could “take a Ten”. If you do anything else you’re cheating someone else out of their correct placing. And remember if everyone waited in line as you’re supposed to the time penalties become less of a problem because everyone will have some, not just the few that observed the rules. Just a foot note to that we should also bear in mind that a trial is supposed to be a reliability test as well as a test of skill, so if you do breakdown well……..  that’s trials.  

As far as riding sections in order, well I’m a bit undecided. It does seem a bit pedantic to me but if we think back to the Wellington experience would it really have helped to remove that rule. Even if we all skipped section 7 and went and rode the rest eventually we were all going to end up back there in a queue (probably a bigger one). I rode in the Australian champs in Sydney a few years back where they don’t have to ride sections in order and to be honest it made no difference, there were still queues at the tougher sections.  

It’s a shame the Wellington round ended under a bit of a cloud because it was really a great event. The Ixion  club should be proud of the great work they did in very trying conditions.

Well that’s my 20 cents worth, take more time and stop bending the rules so everyone finishes. I know other people have different views, I’ve seen a few varying ones already, so now’s your chance to have your say, let us hear your opinion. Post your comments here.

Derek Scott

Nelson S.I. Champs Update


This is just a reminder that the final 2 rounds of the 2008 SI Champs will be held in the Nelson Area on the 6th and 7th of September. 


The event will be held at Punawai Farm in Eighty Eight Valley. Punawai is approximately 7 km from the township of Wakefield on SH6. The same venue will be used for both days.  Directions and a map are included at the back of the attached Entry Form. Punawai is a massive property that we are very fortunate to have access to. This is the same property where Day 1 of the 2006 NZ Champs were held. A couple of the sections will be held over “semi natural” terrain and the rest set up the creeks, in the trees and on the hillsides. 


It would be appreciated if you could return you entries sooner rather than later. As in Rounds 3 & 4, the Presidents lines will follow the Blue markers plus one Green marker in each section. Please ensure your name plates are clearly marked with Green tape.  In an attempt to boost numbers, We will also be setting out and running a Social Class…. without compromising the technicality of the sections. 

Start Times


08:45 hrs Check-in                       

09:45 hrs Riders Briefing                       

 10:00 hrs Start 


08:45 hrs Check-in

09:15 hrs Riders Briefing                       

09:30 hrs Start 

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held at the venue immediately after the event. A BBQ and drinks will be provided.  


It is suggested that those of you coming from out of town book yourselves into the Brightwater Motor Inn (03  542 3607). This is marked up on the attached map. This will be very convenient for the event. They have ample offstreet parking, a large “sports bar” and a reasonably priced restaurant. We intend all meeting here on the Saturday evening… drink driving issues! As of today, the Brightwater Motor Inn has 15 units available for that weekend.

Rates are as follows:– 

14 ea Studio units, $90/night, queen + single,  or 2 x single, options available.– 

1 ea Family unit, $120/night for 2 adults, up to 4 additional adults at an extra $15/night each.  

Other suggestion are:

Parkside Motel, Richmond, 03 5446564,   $110/night/2 bed unit

Destiny Motels, Richmond, 03 543 9954           $ ?? 


As this is the last round of the SI Champs, would the 2007 holders of the permanent trophies please make sure they bring them along to the event, or send them with someone….should you be dying and unable to attend!  

See you all on the 6th 


Gordon Anderson