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MNZ Licence…
At all Pioneer events from July 1st you will need a licence to compete in club trials, there are a number of ways this can
be done:
Championship Licence ($175.00)
This is for all Island Championship and National Champs in a “Championship” grade, eg: Expert, President,
Junior (VCS) Women (VCS) and Side Chair, plus all club trial events.
Club Licence ($125.00)
This is for all Island Champs and National Champs in a “Support” grade, eg: A Grade, Intermediate, Clubman,
and Social, plus all club trial events.
Family Discounts…
Apply to a family members at the same address re-licencing at the same time, however you must either post,
fax or email to us the form as unfortunately applications use the Family discounts cannot re-licence using the on-line
Discounts are 10% for 2 family members, 15% for 3 family members, or 20% for 4 or more family members.
Over 65’s
Over 65 years of age are free of charge.
Special Event Upgrade (For Club Licence holders)
Club hosting Championship events have the ability to provide at their events a Special Event Upgrade Licence.
Notification of this licence being available at events will be made by the host Clubs by way of their en try form.
Conditions of being issued with a Special Event Upgrade Licence are:
 Fee $50.00
 Competitors must indicate at the time of entering that they require a Specials Event Upgrade Licence.
 Competitors must have completed in a minimum of:
 Seniors must have had 3 previous MNZ permitted events in the same discipline that the Special
Event Upgrade Licence is being applied for.
 Limited to One Special event Upgrade Licence per licencing year.
Renewing Your Licence
To renew your licence please use the on-line system if you are able to MNZ Online Licencing you will need your user
name and password, if you have forgotten this or for any reason do not have one please use the following Request
Rider Login.
First Time / Welcome Back Licence
The fee for this is $80.00 or $50.00 if you have 2 One Event Licences (purchased within the last 6 months) and
are sent in with your application.
To be eligible for this discounted Club Licence you need to be a first time applicant or have not held a MNZ
licence for 3 or more years.
You must complete the New/Welcome Back Application Form. This form is available through the MNZ website
or at sign on.
This discount is not available via on-one licencing.
There is a short practical test with this form which I am happy to help you with.


MNZ Licences

MNZ Licence Information
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