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Hi Everyone,
Please find a summary of the September Committee Meeting. If you have any comments please post them on the website or send an email to

  • Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
  • Club trailer is still at Peter’s residence as having trouble locating Paul.
  • Peter to take club trailer to painter.
  • Ross thanked Derek for banking the cheques that he has had for a while. (Tonque and Cheek)
  • General Business
  • New Zealand Superbikes display (Motorcycling Canterbury Inc.)
    Peter to ask around club members at next club trial.
  • Sandra to send an email to Blake Fox, David Trewin, Gabby Gundry, Bradley Grant, on availability.
  • Peter to take on the Coordinating of the display in early January.
  • After some discussion Peter Milner and Peter McDonald have been approached for Patron.
  • Patron
  • To be decided at the the next Annual General Meeting.
  • It was reported that a “Special Section” for Stef and Brooke Lonie with a tie for 2nd.
  • Australian National Championships
  • Pioneer congratulated Stef, and the other NZ team.
  • Alan reported that B might be coming to New Zealand and could be available for some training.
  • Training with
  • Ben Hemmingway also interested in off road event, Canterbury off Road club to be contacted.
  • Adventure Ride
  • The adventure ride would be on Sunday November 1, starting at the Woodend Rangiora Road.
  • Sandra reported that the route for the Adventure ride has been set.
  • Saturday Practice
  • Christine to send out an electronic event card to club members on training / practice day.
  • It was suggested that an email be sent around to club members to have a training day at the Waimak trials park and other venues around Canterbury in between club events.
  • 70th Kaikoura trial
  • It was suggested that a small sub-committee would be formed to organise this event.
  • Peter Hosking has put together some photo’s etc. for the 70th Kaikoura trial next year.
  • SI Coordinators
  • Sandra has also had it suggested that she should just do secretary duties from now on and not sign on and other organisation duties.
  • Committee to consider it and discuss at the next meeting.
  • Sandra asked if Pioneer would be interested in organising the NZ National Champs next year.
  • Sandra presented the SI Champs for next year. February, April and August.
  • Peter reported that “Team Hallie” are the new South Island Coordinators.
  • New Zealand National Moto Trials Championships
  • David and Stef to be asked at next club trial.
  • Sandra asked if there was anyone that was going up to the Nationals this year from Pioneer.
  • Health and Safety
  • Peter suggested that if we use the MNZ Safety Brooker at any of our events in the case of an incident that we report to the Safety Brooker and MNZ before speaking to the Police.
  • Sandra had printed off the MNZ Health and Safety manual from their website and given to Peter to read through.
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