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Glenelg Spur Club Trial September 2015

Our thanks to Derek and Glen for setting this month’s trial at Glenelg Spur, setting 10 sections in 90 minutes!. The day started cold, wet and windy with 16 riders turning up to brave the weather conditions and the parking!  Looking at the results it appears that it was a demanding day but ending up with quite good scores, considering the muddy conditions.  The sunshine did eventually appear just in time for arrival at the Tannery pub for beer and chips.

Christine and Peter

This is always Scotty’s trial to peg and as usual he bullied Glen into helping. As it was a cold miserable day he also asked for help from Shane, Ross and myself.

Somehow a honking southerly storm makes us much faster section peggers. We split into two groups with Ross and I getting the more sheltered lower sections and the others getting the top sections in the howling wind and rain. Tough luck Scotty.

Next morning was even worse with truck loads of rain fallen over night. Somehow the Clubman sections were all rideable and the usual battles were fought. The Mcdonald/ Hosking challenge is heating up with both riders really lifting the standards of A grade. Two fine Knees Brent was back on his Montesa and looking happy again.

Intermediate grade saw Ross lose a truck load of points as I put down a five on every section he did not ride after a crash on lap two. Thats what friends do. Shane looked like he had the event sown up until he put in a couple of easy fives.

The Expert grade grade saw the usual battle between Davey, Glen and Australasia’s second best women rider. It would have been great to see the best women rider compete with Steph in the mud.

An awesome day with the sun coming out in time to out the bikes on the trailer in comfort. Thanks team

Alan Honeybone

Trial results available through link: GlenelgSpur summary

Glenelg Spur Club Trial September 2015
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