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Calendar for 2018
There are a few changes to the format for 2018 which the committee hopes will be an improvement on the way we do things.
On the Wednesday the 17th we will be running our first Twilight trial hopefully at Glenelg Spur. If this is a success we will try and squeeze in a couple more before the end of summer. The summer series this year will be over 5 rounds at 2 weekly intervals. Each of the trials will start with a training session in the morning
followed by a lunch break and then the trial itself starting in
the afternoon. The training sessions will vary over the series covering everything form bike maintenance to section setting.
The next big change for 2018 will be the format for the club champs. In 2018 ALL club trials (except the summer series and Kaikoura) will count towards the Club Champs. That means there will be 8 rounds with Championship points being awarded at each event.
The last change is at each trial we will be asking for volunteers to set the next event. We will be looking to get an Expert/Intermediate and a Clubman rider to set each event. Paul has already offered top peg the Twilight Trial, so we are looking for a clubman rider to assist there. Also, if we could get a couple of volunteers now to do the first round of the Summer series that would be good.
You will notice that none of the properties have been confirmed yet and as they will only be confirmed 3-4 weeks out from each event.
It’s important to keep an eye on the website for changes
as the year progresses.


Pioneer Dinner Evening – 26th November

The club would like to thank the Cashmere Club for a great evening with a very enjoyable 3 course meal.  Some 25 people attended the event, the first of its type in many years.  With Peter Jackson as the host the evening was concluded with the trophy and shield presentations, some of the photos taken have been included here.

To see these photos please click on the following link: Club Awards


Megaphone Spring 2017 Issue

The Spring Issue of the Megaphone Magazine is now available. The club would like to thank Peter Hosking as Editor and all the club members that contributed to this edition.

To view this issue please click on the following link: Spring 2017

If you would like a paper copy of the Megaphone then please contact Peter Hosking directly.

Greybeards Pioneer Trial – 26th November

Greybeards Pioneer Trial – 26th November

The club extends its grateful thanks to all those club members that helped set and support this great event, special thanks to Peter H, Peter D, Christine, Tui, and team Hallie.

A dry warm day saw 20+ riders enjoy 8 great sections in and around the trees at the Waimak river area at the end of Weedrons Ross Road.

Please click on the following link to see the full results: Greybeards 2017

Once again the club thanks Lynette and Peter Barnett for their great photos, all of which can be seen by clicking on the following link: Flickr

Graylees Road Club Trial – 15th October

Graylees Road Club Trial – 15th October


The Club would like extend its thanks to Ross, Alan and Shane for  setting some great and challenging sections, located this time at the back of the Graylees Road property, not used since the New Zealand championship was held there a number of years ago.

Please click on the following link to see some great photos taken by Lynette Barnett: Graylees Road

McQueens Valley September 2017

Name                                                             Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4  Total
David Trewin                                             3           4          6         2            15
Josh Stones                                                20        11        10      12        53
Shane Brons                                              21         18        17      15        71

Name                                                             Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4  Total
John Regan                                                4           1          1           1           7
Glenn Smith                                              0            2          4           8          14 (32 0’s)
Willy Ahomiro                                         6            2          2           4          14 (30 0’s)
Ross Bristol                                               2            5         10         0          17
Kendall McDonald                                1            8          7           7           23
Rob Alexander                                         7            4          4          9           24
Derek Scott                                               10         3          11       5            29
Alan Honeybone                                     12         8          9         7             36
Brandon Alexander                               11         14       15      12          52
Hamish Barnett                                        12         22       22      13         69

Clubman A
Name                                                              Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4  Total
Peter Hosking                                           0           2          0          0            2
Tui Scott                                                       5           0          0          0             5
Ashley Duncan                                        10         2          2          1             15
Tim Bassett                                                7           6          9          4              26
Peter Barnett                                          10         12        11      10           43
John Phillips                                             18         26        13      5              62
Jacob Hermens                                       23        18         14      8              63

Clubman B
Name                                                              Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Total
Steve Fisher                                                10       11        5          6           32

Kahu Jones                                                  0                                                    0 (DNF)


Twin Shock
Name                                                               Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Total
Simon Jones                                                 15       0          10        5          30


SI Championship Rounds 5 & 6 Results

The club extends its many thanks to all those members that helped make this year’s Round 5 and 6 such a success, despite the very wet weather on Sunday.  Please click on any of the following links to see the results, again the Club’s thanks to John  for his work in scoring over the two days.

Overall Championship points for 2017:To Follow

Saturday’s Rider Statistics: Rider Statistics

Saturday’s Results: Placing

Sunday’s Rider Statistics: Rider Statistics

Sunday’s Results: Placing



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