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  • Winter 2021

    In this issue:
    Kaikoura 3 day
    James Lawton at the Kaikoura
    South Island Champs rounds 3&4

  • 75th K3d issue

    In this issue:
    Dave Chambers
    Some Kaikoura history
    South Island Champs rounds 1& 2

  • Autumn 2021

    In this issue:
    Graeme Johnston
    New Championship classes
    Summer series
    Pidcock 4RT

  • Spring 2020

    In this issue:
    Nationals and South Island Champs rounds 5,6 & 7
    Club champs
    Kaikoura 3 day
    Russell Gillard

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Editor: Peter Hosking
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Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash
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