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Pioneer Motorcycle Club Inc.
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Membership Fee for current Financial Year = $35.00 per family or individual

Payment by cheque or direct credit.
Westpac Bank Canterbury Centre 03-1592-0094585-00
Pioneer Motorcycle Club Inc.

If you like to download and print the membership form then please click on the following link: Club Membership

Please Note: For Family Membership, all must reside at same address, please list all names. A separate membership card will be issued per member list above. Your current Membership expires on the 31st December. For family membership, all must reside at the same address, please list all names. A separate membership card will be issued per member listed above.


I agree to indemnify the Pioneer Motorcycle Club and Trials Association Canterbury in permitting me to take part in their Motorcycle trials at all location, against all actions, claims on farm owners, or any other body affected by my participation in the club / Association event. I take full responsibility for the machine /s. I have entered and declare that it is in a condition that will enable safe participation in trials. I will abide by any rules as set down by the committee of the Pioneer Motorcycle Club, the organiser of the event, at briefing prior to the start of the event and any instructions issued to during the event.

The Motorcycle helmet and boots that I wear for all events are of an acceptable standard and are in good condition and a good fit. I understand that racing of any sorts at trials events is not permitted.

I agree to have my name listed on the Pioneer Motorcycle Club Membership list that may be circulated to all members for the convenience of forwarding information of trials interest. This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. For local trials events the age of the competitors is not a consideration but it is expected that all riders are able to lift their machines from the ground and restart the motor without assistance or be under the supervision of their parent’s or guardian.

All events will follow the general accepted practises of Motorcycle New Zealand rules, but especially:

  • Motorcycle must be of a trials design with all components and systems in good working order.
  • All riders will wear at all times a Motorcycle helmet in good condition and fitting the riders head correctly, and also wear Motorcycle boots or a minimum of boots with a steel reinforced sole.
  • Long trousers, long sleeved shirts, along with gloves are recommended at all events.

I/We hereby apply for a new/renewal of membership to the Pioneer Motorcycle Club Inc.
As a member/s  I/we agree to abide by the rules of the Pioneer Motorcycle Club Inc, as they are laid down in the constitution.

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