What is TRIALS?

A trial is a test of riding skill and balance over a variety of obstacles with riders incuring penalties for footing or for failing to fulfil other conditions. Unlike most other forms of motorcycle sport, it is not a speed event. ng to

From children to veterans, there are bikes and classes for everyone thanks to the very low risk of injuries, due to the low speeds.

Ride trials

Anyone can ride a trial, and the sooner you start the easier it gets!

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider or new to any form of motorcycling, the Pioneer Motorcycle Club welcomes newcomers from beginners to experts.

Want to try it first? Join us at one of our training/practice days.  It’s free, just head over to the upcoming events section and find out when the next training day is.


As we run at least one event per month, we always need more people to help.

Love motorcycles but not too sure about riding? You are welcome to join us as we always need more observers!

Interested in helping to run events? Become a Motorcycling New Zealand official. Contact us to find out more about MNZ officials.

About us

The Pioneer Motorcycle Club is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in New Zealand, and has been running events for over 100 years.  The club’s main focus now is moto trials and we are one of the largest trials clubs in New Zealand.

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