New Rules for next year – Have your say

Following is an E-mail being circulated by Warren Laugeson asking for comments on proposed rule changes for the 2009 rule book. Here's your chance to have your say but be quick the AGM is in just a couple of weeks. Post your comments here or contact Warren directly, 

Hi All 

As I mentioned to those at Hamilton the other week we all need to make some decisions on whether or not to include the new rules that have been in place this year as Supplementary Regs into the official rule book for 2009 onwards. These will be finally discussed and decided upon at the trials workshop during the MNZ AGM in Nelson on May 24th.  Please have a look through the attached file and get back to me with your comments.  If any one has any other potential rule inclusions or modifications then please let me know ASAP. This is your chance to have your say and if I do not receive any feed back good, bad or otherwise then the decisions made in Nelson will stand. Please forward this around your key people in your clubs for their feed back also. 

Thanks Warren 

New rules 2008.pdf (39.49 kb)

New Rules for next year – Have your say
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