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Oceania Championships over the Easter Weekend 2009 “an event for everyone”. Gordon Anderson and our small team organizing this event are of the opinion that “the more the merrier”, so we would welcome you and anyone else who may wish to come. We are making this a very special occasion and already have Takumi Narita confirmed to attend as representative from Japan. Adrian and Mandy of Lewisport have also confirmed that they wish to attend and will give the Scottish a miss this year. So we already have representation from Japan, Australia, NZ and America.

I have been keen to see a Pacific Rim approach to our Oceania event and this is our contribution to see this becomes a reality.

Although this event will be of a high standard as regards the Oceania competition, to give it the profile it deserves we will also be paying great attention to the social side of our sport. We will cater for the majority of trials riders who are not in a position to ride at the top end of the spectrum and, while liking the competition, are really in it for the enjoyment and camaraderie.

Gordon is overseas at the moment but will be back soon, at which point we will have a lot more information on hand. I will get it to you and anyone else interested as soon as possible, however for the time being I have outlined our intentions below:

Nelson Trials Group (NMC) will be hosting next year’s Oceania Championships over the Easter Weekend 2009. We have consulted the other South Island Clubs. They are fully supportive of our bid to host the event in conjunction with Rounds 1 & 2 of the South Island Championships.

Our intention is to run both days of the event at Punawai Farm, in 88 Valley, Wakefield. This is the same property on which Non-Stop Adventure has its Trials Park. The property contains a huge variety of outstanding terrain on which we are easily able to set out 2 days worth of great sections.

1. Trials Training Camp The main reason that we are pushing to host the event is because of its proposed timing. Easter falls at the start of a 2 week school holiday. The Nelson Club is prepared, in conjunction with Non-Stop Adventure, to host a trials training camp immediately after the event. This would be open to all riders but with particular emphasis on youth and junior development. This is an ideal opportunity for riders to stay on a few days and receive some expert tuition specific to individuals’ needs. The club will assist with logistics, billeting etc. to minimise costs.

2. Japanese Riders Through our connections, we stand a good chance of being able to attract a high quality Japanese team to come to Nelson to compete, either officially as part of the Oceania Champs or otherwise. Their attendance would add prestige and spectator and media pulling power to the event.

3. Media Coverage Again through Steve Oliver, we have a proven track record for accessing TV coverage through our personal contact with a local freelance cameraman. We believe that we could once again get Motorcycle Trials exposed on prime time national TV news. The sections would be designed well in advance so that some creative action shots can be choreographed prior to the event in order to deliver dramatic coverage that would appeal to potential youth riders. Other than National coverage of the event, we can ensure sufficient local advertising is performed to maximize spectator numbers and generate a suitable atmosphere.

4. Funding The club is very fortunate to have developed tremendous relationships with several generous local businesses. We are confident of being able to attract local sponsorship to ensure that we have the necessary funding to put on a decent event and not rely solely on entry money.

5. Trials Park Although we would not intend to run the competition on any of the artificial terrain in the Non-Stop Trials Park, this would be available for the international competitors to put on demonstrations, informal contests etc., all of which would be great for riders and spectators alike.

6. Evening Function A formal evening function has been arranged on the Saturday evening in order to get everyone together socially.

Because of the numbers that have already expressed interest it will be necessary to bring your own M/Cs as all hire bikes are spoken for. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Gordon. gordon_anderson@xtra.co.nz or myself. ride@nonstopadventure.co.nz

Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers Stephen

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