Bikes Wanted For Oceania Event

Hi All 

I am on the look out please for some one who has a late model Gas Gas 280-300 and willing to hire it out for the visting Australian Master rider Simon Van Balen to use at the Oceanic event in Nelson during Easter.

I am also on the look out for a late model Sherco for the Junior Aussie team mate Alex Coleman.  Can you all please put the word out as we all need to do what we can to asist the visting Aussie riders. The funding for the Oceanic event is very limited and relies on the generosity of the host country to provide bikes to the visitors for a far cheaper price than bringing thier own out which is almost unrealistic for most riders.  Australia has been very generous with supplying bikes to us in recent years and we need to recipricate. 

Please get in touch with me at


Bikes Wanted For Oceania Event
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