S.I. Champs Rounds 1&2 Nelson April 2009

  As I was unable to complete the riding I was able to make some observations of my own, for what it is worth. 

1, Gordon great weather, again. 

2, Long way from Inver Vagas to Nelson to get foot stuck under a bloody tree root 

3,  Well run event, Gordon lots of great work, I know how long it takes. 

4, Steve & the team good work on the sections & getting the overseas riders out here. 

5, Speaking for myself after my accident I feel that may be all clubs focus a bit more on better First Aid coverage at Championship level. 

6, North Island riders fantastic turn out ,with out these riders the south island trials clubs are in big trouble, Where have our riders gone or what are we doing wrong? 

7, Presidents grade, what are we doing to these riders that are over the age of 45?  WE ARE MAKING IT HARDER FOR THEM TO RIDE. Doesn"t make sense to me. I say get rid of the green arrows let them ride the blue line again, and if any rider finds this to be too easy of a ride, then I suggest you get your arse into intermediate grade. 

8, JAKE WITTAKER, OUT STANDING!! Come on MNZ get the money out of the bank and get Jake back over seas NOW!!! 

9,Thanks to Jim I had the pleasure of traveling back to Ch Ch on the big black bus, due to that bloody root. ( but somebody let a stink bomb off on the bus. I know it took me a while to find it but it eventuallly ran out at Rangiora) 

10, Corona, Lemons, Bikes, are not a good mix are they RAT?                                                                     

11, Your feed back is welcomed.                                                                                 

Keep your feet up  

Cheers   Hibbsy

S.I. Champs Rounds 1&2 Nelson April 2009
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