John Ravenscroft volunteers to be the new Trials Commisioner



My name is John Ravenscroft. I have been around motorcycle trials for donkeys’ years, but I have been off the radar for a fair old while. I tried to introduce innovations at rounds I & II of the 2009 North Island Championships. I believe that the innovations were largely successful, though I concede that they failed in one area. I sought comments on the innovations, but I received none. Does this indicate:

a)         that you understand how the innovations work and you reject them, or

b)         that you do not understand how the innovations work but you reject them, or

c)         that you could not be bothered to comment


Globally, competitive motorcycling is structured with riders forming the base. Rising through the structure, clubs form the next tier, then national federations such as Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ), with the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) at the top.

Other, splinter organizations exist but, I contend, those outside the above structure are rebels without full recognition.

MNZ relies on commissioners to act as interfaces between riders and officials. The recent resignation of Warren Laugesen has left trials without a commissioner. I believe that Warren was a very good commissioner. He persevered at the job for many years and has earned his retirement. Despite Warren’s searching, no one has volunteered to take over the job. Trials cannot command respect from above when it cannot offer a representative.

MNZ and FIM are likely to regard the trials fraternity of New Zealand as a disorganized band of rebels, unworthy of official recognition.


I do not claim that I can be a good commissioner. But, rather than see trials abandoned, I am prepared to do what I can. But it would be pointless to step up if I do not have support from the riders.

I estimate that the NZ trials fraternity comprises slightly more than one hundred riders. MNZ need to be advised of potential commissioners before the end of April. If I have not received more than fifty indications of support by April 28th, then I will not put my name forward. If I am appointed as commissioner, I will push to introduce my initiatives.


I am not asking for your vote. I am not promising to push your barrow for you. But if I am appointed as commissioner and you have a suggestion, I will listen, if your suggestion is worthy I will push for its introduction (I do not accept either of b) or c) above).


Please contact me:


phone 021 674 496


John Ravenscroft

John Ravenscroft volunteers to be the new Trials Commisioner
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