The gumboot award was always a regular in past Megaphones so it seems to me to be appropriate to resurrect this award here on the website.

There have been a couple of worthy recipients in recent months so here they are.

For the month of April the Gumboot goes to none other than "Mr Wheelie" himself Paul (The Rat) Jackson. On his way to the Easter trial in Nelson, fueled by a few too many Caronas, he decided to ride his bike "quietly" back to the bus after some posed photo's on an exceptionally large rock in Lewis Pass. The rather poorly executed wheelie resulted in a broken collarbone, a couple of cracked ribs and a severely dented pride. All this on the way to the trial, not at it.

For the month of May the Gumboot goes to Don Clarkson. Those of you at Kaikoura would have heard how Don had trouble with his bike not running well. After changing the plug and several other mechanical repairs Don finally noticed (on his third lap!!) that he hadn't turned the choke off. Don earns the award not for his lack of mechanical nouse, but for being foolish enough to tell us about it!! Surely Don at your age you would have learnt the old "it must have been water in the carb" story.

Nominations for the Gumboot award can be sent to me via the contacts page.

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