The club held the first of its monthly practice days on one of the most miserable winter days of the year at Denis  De Pas property in Kaituna. This was a very informal day designed to get everyone together to learn a few new techniques. It was great to have the chance to ride each other’s bikes and see if any were better than what you were currently riding. I think we all decided it would be nice to have Mel or Al Duthie as your mechanic.

We had several people out to have a play at trials for the first time. This proved very worthwhile as everyone was happy to lend a bike. So any one keen on trying out trials riding please come to the next day and grab a bike.

Over winter we will keep these days more as a day to come out and practice with your mates, but as the weather warms up we will have some more formal training sessions.


Coming up will be

Alan Duthie trials school

Jason Baker trials school

Nelson Marlborough trials centre school and try some new models days. Hopefully Brendon will bring samples of boots, helmets and other goodies he has for sale.

We hope to be able to get Non Stop Adventure to run a weekend training school in Christchurch, this will have a cost subsidised by the club. This will be best run in summer time.

Hope to see you at the next day (At the "Waimak" Weedons Ross Rd August 9th)

Alan Honeybone

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