The Brainstorm

By now you will have settled back to your ‘real life’ and the Moto trials weekend but a memory. Thanks to those who made it a success and thanks to those who participated at the “brainstorm”. I now circulate the comments that surfaced that evening and ask for feed back. I don’t want essays.

I do want you to consider each statement/topic and give it a category

A……Must do

B……Should do

C…….Should consider

D…….Should not do

Then I would like you to prioritise the “A”s, “B”s and “C”sThen if you still have energy tell me how YOU would remedy the statement/topicFor example you may feel that ‘not enough time to complete a trial’ is at the top of your list and you may indicate that running 30 section trials is the remedy.

Here are the statements/topics raised at the weekend:    

   Time constraints          “Throw out” time penalty ruling  

         Allow Experts more time, others less 

         Reduce minimum number of sections needed from 40 to 30 

         Be able to take a 5 at any stage without queuing 

         Abolish ‘minding’ 

         Trials should be a summer sport 

         “Crossing your own line” rule needs modifying 

         Juniors should contest in higher “lines” i.e.  green or yellow 

         Riders who have contested a grade should not be able to contest two grades below [in consecutive events] 

         Reversing [wheel turning backwards] should be allowed 

         Marker pegs should be standardised in NZ 

         The “optional gate” system of setting and scoring should be used [as used in Te Kuiti on occasions] 

         Should be allowed to ride ‘out of sequence e.g. section 3 then 2 then 6 etc. 

         Pensioners should get cheaper entry 

         A grading committee formed [Commissioner and NI and SI coordinators mentioned] 

         Make more training available for juniors 

         Ease A grade, ease “inters” and get rid of green grade. 

         Split start our grades [spread the field more for starting sections] 

As commissioner I would like to add a couple; 

– Increase rider levies slightly and use present levies more frugally so the balance can go toward Oceania and TDN 

         Ask each area/club to run an event [maybe trail ride] for funding toward Oceania and TDN.  

Remember. This was a “Brainstorm” where there is no such thing as a bad idea. If you don’t like an idea just put it in your “D” bin. DO NOT ATTACK THE PROPOSER.          You may well believe there is a topic that should be on the list. Tell me about it and tell me the priority you think it deserves.                                                         

Jim Henderson


You can reply to Jim at or comment here. All comments will be forwarded to Jim.    

The Brainstorm
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