Knobby Knife from Customlight Engineering

Genuine Knobby Knife from the U.S.A – save huge $$ by sharpening your used tyres!

We are the New Zealand Agents for this fantastic product and we are thrilled to be working in with the Knobby Knife Manufacturers.

This is the genuine article – not a cheap imitation!

This version is 240 volt so its specifically designed for New Zealand. It has the correct New Zealand plug fitted and the product has been tested in our factory – so theres no issue with dangerous and unreliable adapters!

A powerful 100 Watt heating tool that maintains 500 degrees heat while cutting rubber.

Regains lost gripping performance on used dirt bike tyres. Sharpens knobbly tyres quickly and easily.

Oversized handle that insulates heat and gives more hand-gripping leverage.

Gives riders on a budget a new-like tyre every time they ride.

Provides 3 to 5 times more life to your tyre.

Saves you time because your not replacing your tyre as often.

KnobbyKnife works with any dirt bike tyre!

KnobbyKnife goes green – decreases items in landfills.

KnobbyKnife also truck tyres, tractor tyres, ride on lawnmower tyres this list goes on.

High Quality Tool Steel blade    Listed at $139 on Trade, discounted to $129 for friends, customers etc – would happily extend this offer to Pioneer. 

Many Thanks   

Jonathan Hayward

Customlight Engineering

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Knobby Knife from Customlight Engineering
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