Karl and Brendon Head South

 On the 29 January both Brendon and I headed to Christchurch as we were invited to help with some training with the Pioneer Trials Club.  Shane Brons kindly picked me up from the airport in his Subaru and to tell you the truth it scared me a little, all under the speed limit though 😉 

Saturday morning we woke to a fine day and we headed to the training area in Glen Elg Quarry with a good turn out of riders covering all grades.  The day went really smooth and Brendon and I were really impressed with what they were taking on board and improving as the day went on.  Both of us really enjoyed the day and it was good to see that we were able to help. 

On Sunday was a club day and there was an extremely good turn out of riders.  I took the Juniors around for the day and Brendon took some of the Clubman riders.  Four laps of eight sections were placed and it was an extremely hot day.  Alan dropped me off back to the airport after the trial for my flight home.  

I would like to thank Brendon for taking down my spare bike, Alan and his wife for putting us up and providing some lovely meals.  And also Brendon would like to thank the Pioneer members for supporting him and his business. Thanks for the great weekend guys and we were really honoured to be asked to help.  Look forward to the 13 February for the next training weekend. 


Karl and Brendon


It really was a great weekend so don't miss this weekend at Horsford Downs for more of the same!! 


Karl and Brendon Head South
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