Enter N.I champs NOW

Hi All   

As promised I am writing to advise that we can now successfully enter the Taranaki rounds of the N.I Moto Trials champs online and conventionally.   

I would like to talk you through online entry:       

You will need ……….a credit card                            

……….to know your user name and password [these were created for you by MNZ and if you have not edited them you can. It is easy]                                       

If you do not know your user name and/or password you will have to click the "Online Licencing" then click Lost your password 

Now to enter:…click "Online Licencing" [this button is at top right of MNZ home page]  

             ………enter user name and pass word 

               …….check your Personal Information 

               …….if your Personal Information is incorrect then click Edit my personal information   

             …….then check Event Classes and click Enter event for the event you want to enter [at this stage only Taranaki Trial available]  

              …….you are then offered the Class you want to ride in. Click the tick box. Do not be concerned about the # box. It is for rider numbers. [As in MX] 

                ……..you are then asked to read and accept terms and conditions of MNZ and click the tick box. Then click Submit 

               ………you are then asked to part with your money through conventional credit card format. Then click Submit   


For those who still need conventional entry forms they too are now available on the web an can be found by looking through Entry Forms in the "Information" section or clicking on the event date on the calendar on the home page and clicking Entry Forms. 

If you have difficulty I encourage you to be patient and work through this 'start up' of a new process that will benefit us further "down the track".    Please let Ravo, MNZ office or I know of any difficulties that you may be having. The problems, will probably be "fixable".

NOW PLEASE ENTER SOON. THANKS.                                                                   

 Jim Henderson         


We also have an entry form you can download from our Entry Forms Page. 


Enter N.I champs NOW
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