Summer Series Round 5 – Omihi March 2010

After 4 rounds of great weather for the Summer Series, the final round at Omihi was somewhat wet. But as true martyrs to our ‘art’ we all took it in our stride – or several strides as I saw some riders having to resort to.

Section 1 proved to be a slippery number and got worse as the day went on. I did see Ross Bristol execute a fine clean ride on lap 3, however I then saw Mr. Bristol do a fine Superman impression over the logs next on Section 2 for an impressive 5.

Section 3 required dodging the sheep carcass in order to enter the section – a cunning plan on my part to upset the more squeemish amongst us. The hill climb for Intermediates/Experts caused problems all day and I only managed one clean on it all day.

Section 4 and 5 held up well all day but it was the descent to the end pegs on Section 6 that took a fair amount of points. The slope got more and more slippery as the day went on making the exit over the log quite tricky.

Section 7  was well protected in the trees and for Intermediates/Experts the tree stump required just the right amount of throttle/speed to get up over it then stop to make the left turn down the bank.

Section 8 took two 5’s off me and one of them nearly resulted in me having my right testicle as a handlebar ornament when I got hung up the final two logs (much to the amusement of Messrs Bristol, McKay and Delis).

Section 9 was a straight up and down hill climb. The Experts had to go a fair way up the hill but seemed to cope okay, although I did hear that the downhill turn was a bit of a ‘sphincter clencher’.

And to end it all, Section 10, which was a good points taker all day.

Despite the weather, there was a good turnout and a great effort from those that travel quite a way – ie Temuka and Wanaka. I’m picking this must have almost been a local trial for the Trewins from Kaikoura. There were a couple of new faces, Andy Dimond for one, who bought my GasGas last year, it was his first trial ever and he was still smiling at the end of the day. So we must be doing something right.

A big thanks to Rob, Mike and Andy (Virg) for helping me peg the sections on Saturday………when it wasn’t raining……….!!

See you all next month.

Cheers All


Summer Series Round 5 – Omihi March 2010
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