S.I. Champs 2010 Rounds3 & 4 Alexandra – Directions


The 2 days will now be held at the same venue, this is a new venue.

Directions:- heading south out of Alex, go across the bridge and turn right onto Earnscluegh Rd.

After approx 5km turn left onto Blackman Rd. Drive to the end of the road, this will then be Fraser Rd. Will all be sign posted. It is only about 10 min from the town.

Breifing will be about 9.30. 

The landowner has asked that you stay off the property until Saturday please respect this.

If you wish to practice on the Friday then go across the shaky bridge towards the clock onto the Rail Trail and follow the road around to the rocks.

Please stay off the rail trail.

See you Saturday.


S.I. Champs 2010 Rounds3 & 4 Alexandra – Directions
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