It’s now only 14 weeks to the event and things are now starting to fall into place. We already have a number of sponsors onboard, section setting is well underway and an entry form should be out in the next couple of weeks.

We are now looking for observers and as anyone who has run one of these events will know this is one of the major hurdles. With 12 sections per day we need at least 24 people per day. One idea is for a club/team to provide 12 “clicker” people each day as a fundraiser (just to punch cards). That way we would only need 12 actual observers each day. So if you know of a group looking to raise some money, are available yourself or you know someone that is then let me know.

The wet weather here over the last month or so has shown us what could happen if we have a wet trial. As a result we have more work to do creating tracks between sections and clearing alternatives to the sections we have planned. Another working bee is planned for the 18th at Living springs and I believe we will need at least one more after that just to be safe. Anyone who can help out will be well received, again just let me know. I have had a request to post some pictures of the venues and the sections, so I will be out with my camera over the next couple of weeks and hope to have something here soon.

Don’t forget the prize giving dinner will be held on the Monday night at the Cashmere Club so plan your travel arrangements to suit.


P.S. Things we still need: more sponsors, observers, help at the next working bee.


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