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Hi All

    I attach a newsletter and photos which I hope you read. I would also like to comment on the online entry format. This has worked well in parts but we have had problems along the way. The general feedback that I get is that we should persevere. On behalf of the Hamilton club, who had the most problems, I would like to offer a couple of reasons that were outside their control and led to 'glitches' and holdups. Namely an Australian rider that the system did not accept and an impromptu call for 3 rounds instead of 4 on Sunday.     As we move forward we can 'iron out ' these issues. We are in fact meeting regularly to try and put together a better package. I see the future as being one where we can perhaps run with all the benefits of online entry [which are self created rider lists, more exposure to our sport and rapid results to web and MNZ] and lose the negatives which are high commission costs and computer 'glitches'. I feel confident that the 10% commission on entry would not be with us into 2011. There are ways around this.   

Jim Henderson

Moto Trials August 2010-07-26            

The year races on. Oh to be a kid again when a year took forever to pass.I emerged from the AGM in May charged with enthusiasm and am endeavouring to get a TDN team to Scotland in 2011 and produce a booklet to help clubs with the basics of “running a trial”. 

The wheels are turning re TDN [slowly] and at present are working on financial logistics.  

I have asked you, the riders and supporters, to ‘jot’ something down that are pertinent to “running a successful trial”. I am sure that you all have some ‘tips’ for others to follow.           

You could write about:

  • Event budgeting                                                 
  • Section setting                                                 
  • Promotion / sponsorship                                                 
  • Briefings [rider and observer]                                                 
  • Administration                                                 
  • Image                                                 
  • And more           

I urge you to put pen to paper [or finger to keyboard] and send me something on anything.            

The Island championship rounds have only their concluding rounds left to run. Congratulations to clubs for some excellent venues and events. In the N.I. we have had what I call a successful introduction to online entry with the real prize being rapid results to MNZ. It has not been entirely “glitch free” but if we are allowed to persevere I am sure we will have a superior system in the future.            

We are now ‘counting down’ to NZ champs and the folk at Pioneer are enthusiastic about what they have to offer this year. I must say I am looking forward to their hospitality. If they offer me the opportunity to ‘brainstorm’ as we did at Wellington last year I will accept. Please give some thought to matters that you may like to raise. But remember, I have no intention of conducting a debate at NZ champs.            

MNZ and Moto Trials were present in our largest city at “Speedshow”.I thought we offered a good spectacle and the organisers were certainly happy with what was provided. The star of the show was Matt Foster who was ably supported by Chris Birch. As Matt was getting more kudos for his antics on his “pedal bike” and Chris was riding the same obstacles on his KTM 530 we found ourselves trying to convince the [large] crowd that a natural progression toward achieving ultimate motorcycling skills was: ‘pedal trials’ >  moto trials >  enduro [or other speed disciplines]. I include photos by Richard McDade of ‘Hocus Focus Photography’            

Island coordinators Paul McLeod and Colin Kelland have started their consideration for the 2011 calendar. Please help by having a clear plan of events in your area. Next year we will be ‘working around’ a substantial visit by trials legend, Mick Andrews, early in the year.            

Jim Henderson

The following Photos are courtesy of Richard McDade From Hocus Focus Photos.


From The Commissioner
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