Trials Des Nations 2011

Hi All   

I thought I would let you all know where the Trials Des Nations September 2011 plan is at! 

As I have reported earlier, I came away from the MNZ AGM with enthusiasm after attending the included seminars [which you would have all benefited from]. I was encouraged by the fact that there are apparently a number of places were funds can be derived and our own MNZ is keen to facilitate this.   

There is however, protocol, and the first step in the "road to Scotland" was to formulate a budget. This has been done and submitted to the board and I am awaiting approval [or not] to formulate a Team. It would be fair to say that the dollar number required to send 4 men, 2 women and 3 minder/managers was enough to make the President 'gasp' but we all understand that this size team should be considered the maximum that we would enter. It is likely that we will be asked to "prune" numbers [both rider and dollars] You may be interested to know that I budgeted for $55000 to cover travel, accommodation [for 2 weeks], insurance and bike hire [bike hire became more a calculated guess than an estimate].   

I write this as there are those out there who will qualify as team members and it is only fair to tell where the plan is. Also, there are those who read this and may have some ideas re funding which will obviously be the area of most concern.   

Let me know any thoughts.                                                                                               

Jim Henderson

Trials Des Nations 2011
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