Mick Andrews Here in 2011

 A weekend to set aside in February next year will be the 12th and 13th when Trials legend Mick Andrews will be here.  Here in Christchurch the event will be held at Living Springs camp and the weekend will form part of our summer series. It will include a training  day and trial as well as a socail evening. The following is the proposed itinerary.





Saturday 12th                        Trials training school, classic and modern

Sunday 13th               Classic and Twinshock trials event.

Contact Alan Duthie for details.  03 344.3030 (bus)   029.235.9475.      a.duthie@scarlett-hydraulics.co.nz  

Nelson – Non Stop Adventures 

Saturday 19th                        Ihatove New Zealand Trial

Sunday 20th               Ihatove New Zealand trial ride.                                   

Contact Stephen Oliver 03 345 1053 ride@nonstopadventure.co.nz  

Upper Hutt & Wanganui – NZ Classic & Twinshock Trials Association 

Sat 26th /                    Upper Hutt International Classic Motorcycle Festival featuring

Sunday 27th               Classic Bike Display, Trial, Dinner and Min TT 

Saturday 26th                        Trentham Classic Trial at Upper Hutt Summer Carnival.  

There will  be a dinner with speakers that evening, Mick Andrews & Jimmy Aird. 

Sunday 27th               NZ Classic & Twinshock Miniature TT – Upper Hutt featuring International Riders Mick Andrews and Jimmy Aird. 


Friday 4th – 6th           

Legends Festival 2010 featuring Mick Andrews training schools, Classic Motorcycle Rally, Classic Trials and proposed sports dinner Saturday. 

Friday 4th                    Full Day – Mick Andrews Trials training school Wanganui, with NZ and Australian Champion Jake Whitaker – classic and modern (limited positions). 

Saturday 5th               Classic & Twinshock Trial Whanganui 

Contact Robert Cochrane 06 343 7585 (bus & a/hrs)  robertc@amcom.co.nz  

Kapiti – Ixion Motorcycle Club 

Sunday 6th                 Trial in the Mangakotukutuku                                    

Contact Kevin Tither 04 904 1760 (a/hrs)    birnie@paradise.net.nz  

Hamilton – Hamilton Motorcycle Club 

Saturday 12th                        Hamilton Motorcycle Club Training School

Sunday 13th               Hamilton Motorcycle Club Twinshock Trial                                   

Contact Peter Osborne 07 854 3838 (a/hrs)  peter.osborne@ihug.co.nz  


Mick Andrews Here in 2011
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