2011 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial weekend (19-21st February)

Saturday 19th February -(am) Scruitineering followed by a NZ NonStop Trial
A conventional trial running nonstop rules
-(pm) NZ NonStop 'Scott' Trial
A time event, run over an off road course, divided into sections.
OR -(pm) Social/Recreation Coaching

Saturday 19th February Social evening. Club Waimea, Richmond – Restaurant & Bar available. Time to socialise, meet special guests Mick Andrews & Haruo Kimura and see video footage of the day's riding.

Sunday 20th February – NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial
2 separate spectacular scenic loops (taking up to 2 hrs with multiple on-route sections per loop), 4 lines – Social/Classic B, Recreation/Classic A, Sport/Classic A+, Pro

Due to the interest from the Classic trials fraternity this event will be classic-friendly, bringing all riders together for a fun and challenging ride.

The inaugural 2010 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial has been very well received with premium coverage in NZ, Japanese, English, French & Italian trials magazines. As a sports tourism event it is also supported by the local Tasman District Council and a draw card for international participants.

NonStop Adventure are pleased to announce that in 2011 we are privileged to be facilitating the reunion, after many years, of long time friends, riding compatriots and two main players in the development of the Yamaha TY250;

Mick Andrews, accompanied by his wife Jill and Haruo Kimura. Mick Andrews, three times Ihatove participant, having been a special guest at Yasuo Manzawa and Shozo Narita's Japanese event in 1990 (picture). Kimura has also worked as development rider for all the Yamaha trial bikes and in recent years the very popular Scorpa 125 which uses the Yamaha motor, with the Ihatove Trial in mind. As this article goes to print Kimura is currently finalising the development of Kenichi Kuroyama's Yamaha/Scorpa works bike for the 2011 Japanese Championship season.

As an adventure weekend this privately run event caters for a large diversity of riders and no licence is required.

As an optional third day of riding Monday, 21st February will be a half day NonStop Adventure tour ride to Havelock, Marlborough Sounds.  

2011 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial weekend (19-21st February)
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