Growing Our Sport

Firstly I would like to Rave about how fantastic the Summer Series has been so far. For me, one of the key factors has been the Spectator Friendliness of both Graylees Road and Lower Living Springs. At Living Springs, I spent some time in conversation with a Dad and his three sons aged from about 8 years up to about 14. I didn't have to explain to them what Trials is about because the action was right in front of us. I am confident that we will see this family again. We are taking this spectator friendliness into consideration with layout for our Timaru Trial. I believe that 3 Spectator accessable sections if that is possible, should be the aim for our future Events.

Back to The Mick Andrews Weekend. Al Duthie take a bow. I reckon we need more combined Classic and Modern events as the numbers entered speak for themselves. Given the work involved in Laying out a trial surely it would benefit both small clubs to share this load. And anyway I can't get enough of seeing these beautifully restored classics being ridden with enthusiasm.

So ends the Sermon from the Mount er Wheelchair.

Cheers, Mike Rowley

Growing Our Sport
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