Moto Trials Championships 2011 and The Commissioners Newsletter

The NZ champs from 22 Oct to 24 Oct this year are at three venues centred around Te Awamutu. I urge you to be considering your accommodation early as it is Rugby world cup time and we cannot say how much room will be available in and around Hamilton especially as Auckland is getting extra games and Hamilton is an easy commute from them. Te Awamutu would be a convenient place to stay for the Trials event. The Hamilton Motorcycle club organising committee has asked me to be the coordinating person for accommodation so if you have need of a billet you can contact me at or if in need of hotel, motel or campsite etc you may like to view the Te Awamutu info centre website where you will also be able to make bookings. If it is info regarding the Trials venues you can keep updated on As I go to print I am still waiting for the Australians to decide if and when they can come and contest the Oceania shield but at this stage I can see only one possibility and that is them coming for the NZ champs weekend. We will be running a twin shock class so watch for developments in this area.          

 Jim Henderson for Hamilton MCC and MNZ 

Moto Trials Newsletter March 2011-03-17

Hi from my desk which is hot and bothered with more flies than I have ever seen at our house.         

Firstly I would like to offer my condolences to all in and around Christchurch for the suffering that they are having to endure. May it end soon.                   

 I think that Trials riders will consider the Mick Andrews visit to NZ will be a highlight of the Trials year. He is a people person, a gracious champion, an excellent teacher and a lot of fun. I am sure that all who met him went away with a positive attitude toward the sport and a lot of worthwhile knowledge [if we could get him to stay in NZ we could make him Commissioner]. Thank you to those who made the Mick Andrews tour possible.         

AGM and workshops on 20 – 22 May. While we had a hiccup with one of the decisions that came out of last year’s workshop I feel that it was a worthwhile weekend. If we could see representation from all areas we could probably avoid the possibility of having to “U-turn” a decision in the future. Having a group of open minded enthusiastic Trials people in one room at the same time without their bikes is ‘priceless’. I hope you can make it.         

Jim Henderson

Moto Trials Championships 2011 and The Commissioners Newsletter
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