May Trials

May is turning into another busy month with something on every weekend untill Kaikoura. 

We have the Oaro Challenge, Pioneer Vs the Top of the South, this weekend (the 15th). Andy Beale is going up on Saturday to help peg the sections with Alistair and Davie. they are looking for help so if you're planning on going up (or down!!) Saturday give Andy a call on 0292359473.

The following weekend (the 22nd) we have a  club trial set down for Flea Bay however with the amount of travelling we are set to do this month it was decided to shift that trial to our practice area at the Waimak. After our practice day there last weekend we believe there's enought there for a fun day/trial with 8-10 sections. If you still haven't checked out the area this would be a good chance to see what a little sweat and alot of scrounging can achieve.

The 28th is section setting day for Kaikoura and we need lot's of volunteers so contact Allan Duthie on 029359475. Please don't leave it up to the same old few that do it every year. Three days worth of sections takes alot of work and the more people we get the quicker and easier it will be.

Then of course we have the big event of the year The Annual Kaikoura Three Day Trial. Make sure you have your entry in and your accommodation booked. I know Sandra is taking bookings for the Dive club again this year but you MUST book. Call Sandra on 03 3134833.


May Trials
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