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Jims dilema

Hi all   

I have a dilema.

I have tentatively booked a comfortable lodge for many of you knowing that accomodation is going to be difficult to get at Labour weekend. Until now only one of you has said they would like to stay here [Mt Pirongia Forest Park Lodge] Do I continue to hold it or do I let it go to someone else?    I went and had a look at it today and it is good. Plenty of room to spread out. About 6 to a bunkroom. Good indoor shower and washup facilities and good kitchen. Bring a sleeping bag and $20 a night is not bad.DO YOU WANT IT ? Is a lack of meals a problem? We can fix that. We can get in caterers for Sat and Sun night and sell you reasonably priced meals if you want but you have to REPLY!     We believe this place will have a great atmosphere and could lend itself to the venue of our Sat evening social night. It has a big lounge. But remember it only holds 48 so we will take "first in" basis. Only jesting here.    Those who have already booked motels may want to consider this venue to not only be with the "crowd" [I think Im jesting again] but to help with viability. Do not let your motels go before we get this venue sorted though. I need to know soon guys!!!!!!!                                                            Jim Henderson 

Jims dilema
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