More Calendar Changes

This year has been an extrordinary year on many fronts. The earthquakes have certainly had an affect on everything that we had planned this year. But there is always a silver lining, This year has seen us gain access to at least 6 new properties. Staying away from the Peninsula for fear of being squashed by rock slides has meant we have had to get out and find alternatives. We have been very sucessful in North Canterbury with Alistair Trewin finding us "Snips Place", a property in Amberley (which we hope to use next month) and another property in Cust. Alan Honeybone went visiting long lost relatives and came up with the Hurunui property we used earlier in the year. Now a new member Glen Kimber has come up with a couple of properties out Hororata way, the first of which we will be using in a couple of weeks instead of the Timaru trial.

The property is called Tui Creek and is directly next door to the Terrace Downs Resort. Alan Duthie was out there last week and is very excited about it. He says it has something for everyone from Experts to Classics so it will be a good addition to our calendar and only 40mins from town.

The Timaru trial will now be held in November (The 13th). Mike Rowley was very keen to resurrect the Old Hampton Challenge which was a challenge between our southern brothers from Dunedin and Invercargill and the Pioneer club. It was traditionally held on that weekend, which happens to be "Show Weekend" here in Canterbury, so it seems an appropriate date.

The trial planned for the end of July will see us use the new property in Amberley (to be confirmed with the farmer). John Regan, Rob McKay and Stef Downes have been out there for a ride earlier in the year and say that it is another good venue for club events. It is a smaller venue but with plenty of variety and good carparking.

I will be posting directions to the new venues on our directions page as they come to hand.

More Calendar Changes
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