Purau Bay June 2011

The Purau Bay property has always offered challenging trials; the 2011 visit was no exception. There was a good mixture of new and old sections, with plenty of new elements. Every section had an obstacle or two to challenge the skills and the psyche – let’s just say that there were plenty of thrills and spills. 

The young guns from the South Canterbury Trials Club had a great day out. Billy riding Clubman A, and Bradley looking good in Expert on his new Beta. It’s truly amazing how quickly Billy has improved. Let’s hope that it’s not too long until Billy needs a new bike that doesn’t sound like an army of angry bees. Talking of angry, our resident Tourette’s sufferer was in fine voice; something about Cripps and a long rocky dry creek section? 

NonStop Adventure rep, Stef, had an adventurous day out – clipping a small tree on the approach to a rather unpleasant drop off in section ten, and collecting a stick in the front wheel on the technical climb in section nine. Well done Stef for picking up the bike and carrying on. More casualties – Shane’s clutch master cylinder surrendered to the rocks after an unfortunate real wheel slide on section five. Despite rumour, John Regan’s DNF wasn’t due to section severity, rather some serious commitment at the pre-party. It was good to have Brendan’s spares bus in attendance, and mildly amusing to see Brendan’s eyes light up to the sound of breaking plastic… cha-ching! 

There were a few problems with the scorecards and riding protocol, so no results have been published; but why let the numbers spoil a good day out? Post-trial there was the familiar debate around section severity. Will we ever achieve consensus between grumpy old men? Perhaps we should look to the younger members of the club for guidance? 

The real competition of the day was getting in and out of the paddock. Despite an aggressive effort by the Gardner Racing L300, it was Kendall that took honours in the two wheel drive van class. The highlight though was the rapturous cheer raised when the Oaro moon man failed to predict the lack of available traction. 

Thanks to the property owner, section setters, peg pullers, trailer puller and sausage cooker.

Andy B

Purau Bay June 2011
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