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NZ Moto Trials Championships 2011

 Entry to this event is now open and available online only 

To those who are new to online entry I am writing a few simple procedures that should help. At this stage you will need a current MNZ licence. Online entry can be found on the MNZ website ( You will then need to login with a username & password. If you do not already have a username & password or if you have forgotten it, you will find an option at the bottom of the Online Entry page that reads “I DO NOW KNOW MY USERNAME OR PASSWORD”. Click on this option, complete the three details required (Full name, date of birth & email address) and you will be emailed back with a username and password. 

Once you have logged in, you will then click on ‘enter event’ which will bring up another page listed with events to enter online. For this particular event choose ‘NZ Moto Trials Champs’.  

Once there you will tick the appropriate grade [and leave the number box blank]  

On this “page” you will also note that there is a “One Day Class” which we are making available to riders of any grade and on any day the ability to ride only one day at half price [$65]. [If you want to ride for only two days you will enter and pay as per the full 3 day event]. 

Also at bottom of this “page” is a “Comments” box which is where we would like you to explain any info that we need to know. For example if you wanted to ride on one day, tell us which day or if you qualify for a Junior entry fee but want to ride in higher grades you will then enter as a Junior and apply for a different class in the “comments” box.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 We would also like to know how many supporters and ‘extras’   will be requiring prize giving meals and for catering purposes we would like you to indicate EXTRA meals required in “comments” box please. 

When completed this page click ‘submit’   You will then tick the box that says that you agree to abide by MNZ rules.  

Click ‘submit’ again 

That will take you to the part where you will need your [or your Dads, Wife’s or friends] credit cards to pay your entry.  

It helps with administration if you can make a separate entry for every rider. That is, if you are entering as a family, please make individual entries. 

Your entry fee [including “One Day Riders”] this year includes a light dinner at prize giving in Pirongia at approximately 4.30 – 5.00pm on Monday evening.  

“Extras” who have been identified as requiring a meal from the “comments” box from online entry will be given tickets at the event and asked to pay $25.00.  

 Accommodation has been booked by me and there are still plenty of beds available [@ $20 pp/night] but there are many who have indicated an interest and not yet confirmed. Could you please make a confirmation [and deposit] with me as soon as possible to help with administration and cash flow issues? Thank you.Keep watching for info                                                

 Jim Henderson for Hamilton MC

2011 NZ Moto Trials Championship – How to Enter.pdf (34.31 kb)

NZ Moto Trials Championships 2011
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