Western Valley 28th August 2011

Canterbury’s finest trials riders assembled at Matt Latham’s Western Valley trials paradise to experience ten of the world’s finest trials sections. Master section setter, Brent Downes, pegged a glorious mix of new elements and old favourites.


There were seven riders in the hotly contested expert grade (club expert = SI and National Intermediate). At the sharp end, Glenn’s experience kept him three points clear of another “Stella” ride by Buster Regan. NZ1 Stef and “Floater” Hainsworth had a good battle for third place – the mighty power of the Beta 125cc versus the tremendous stopping power and suspension travel of the TLR200. Plus, keeping everyone on their toes, the new and improving armourdilo mounted, slim-line club captain. Better still, the authorities let Dowelly out for the weekend.


There were six riders in the intermediate grade. A good battle between the club bean counter and Trewin junior for line honours. It was good to see our reigning president rekindling his love for the flat tyred wheeled motor.


Six riders in clubman A made for a good battle with the “Ze Kivi” pipping the Captain by one point. Clubman/intermediate line riding Kendall managed to hold off a strong challenge from our very own miracle of modern science/medicine – HRH Cripps. Great to see John Philp making the long haul trip from the South Canterbury Trials Club.


In clubman B, Shirley showed her fine class to first timer Adrian aboard a Team Regan TY250.


Crusty demons Dick and Rob had a good battle in Presidents grade until young Dick found a better offer.


In summary, trials was the winner on the day. Our new policy of swapping score cards appears to be working well. And despite common opinion, there is more to a good trial than a scorecard. Thanks to Sandra for the cheerleading and BBQ.

Andy Beale

Western Valley 28th August 2011
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