Moto Trials Report Sept 11

It has been a while since my last report and I have been holding off so as being able to give out info on the supposed Oceania Challenge. This event for 2011 has been a disappointment to me. The Australians had been invited to attend in Easter but when that didn’t happen we extended the invitation to our NZ Champs weekend. Apparently when they [MA] advertised for a team they only had one applicant [according to their Trials Commissioner Colin Scott]. At this stage, although I have asked for confirmation that no team is coming, I am treating the 2011 event as a ‘no show’. I believe it is too late to try and get this match in place.           

However, through MNZ staff and Board I am looking at the possibility of approaching Australia to see if we could contest Oceania 2012 around the time and place of the world rounds in Victoria next year. There would be a lot of benefits of this happening but I believe it may also become an extremely difficult idea to ‘sell’ to Australia. I will do my best!            

Congratulations to all clubs who hosted Island rounds this year. From observations and reports it appears that you gave Moto Trials riders of NZ good competitions and were able to satisfactorily find winners and place getters in most classes. It is getting difficult to find a Junior class and that is a concern to me. I do believe that we will see growth in the Twin Shock class and any amalgamation that we can achieve between the classic fraternity and moderns can only benefit our cause.           

A special thanks to Paul Mcleod and Colin Kelland who put this year’s calendar together and who are working on the next years. It is a difficult job and not made easier by clubs requesting changes [however no one could for see Chch earthquake]. Please give much thought to your ability to run an event at the time you are allocated as we do not want to change dates.           

The rule book is getting a major re write and I have been asked to “tidy up” the Moto Trials section. I won’t go into all the detail as I have shuffled a few things here and there and tried to make it more ‘readable’ [which has been the objective of the re write]. On the way through I looked at some of the rules that have in my opinion out lived their usefulness and I have ‘tweaked’ them slightly. I will mention some of those that may be controversial and you will have a chance to view all when posted on the web for your approval in a month or so. Please read fully and report anything that you feel I may have ‘got wrong’. Main points:

         5 penalty points given for not attempting a section [used to be 10]

         Minimum size requirements for marker pegs and arrows

         Maximum of 2 green arrows or gates for President’s line

         Maximum of 2 orange arrows or gates for Experts line

         Addition of rules for Gated Trials [as per Ravo Gated]

         Scott Trials to be 30km minimum and 30 section minimum

         Sections to be ‘closed’ to riders no later than 30 minutes after finish time

There are more slight wording changes and emissions to delete duplications but the above will be the area that will concern you the most. The 3 items that will have the most impact on the future will be…. losing 5 instead of 10 for not attempting sections and maximum number of arrows used. Losing 5 for not attempting will allow you to go to ‘Trial headquarters’ with an incomplete card and have 5s clipped for all ‘non attempts’. This will alleviate riders queuing at sections waiting for observers to give them 5s. We will still have to ride in numerical sequence and we will still have to attempt 80% of sections. The latter can be assessed at ‘Trial headquarters’.           

An area that you may have expected some change is ‘classes’ [grades]. I have left this alone for now and it is hardly a secret anymore that I have a vision to overhaul the entire class structure. Some of you will know my agenda and it needs much discussion but I get limited opportunity to present it how I would prefer and that is in a discussion format. If you are interested in my vision I will be available to discuss with you at NZ champs [and no I will not be holding a forum this year].           

Planning is on ‘track’ for NZ Champs and the Hamilton MCC is hoping to provide an excellent event.  Early planning on your part helps the organisers. Please consider this. See for more info than you may expect. I will be in contact with trophy holders but this is a reminder to hunt them out and get them back….please.           

Sandra Hallie [ ] has been asked and kindly accepted to be media liaison person for Moto Trials NZ wide. You may have noticed a few notices in coming events of “Dirt bike Down under” Magazine. Sandra is hoping to grow this area and it is important that you liaise with her; she would like to know when your events are and contact persons for that event 3 months before the event. Please send her your 2012 calendars when you have them ready. [And send her update as you make amendments]. If you have any results or ‘newsy’ articles they would be appreciated as well.           

It’s good to have Jake and Karl back in NZ. Well done to both of you for flying the NZ flag on the other side of the world. We wish Jake and Blake success in Australia over the Aussie Titles weekend

Stephen Oliver [ ] has compiled a very handy manual on many facets of Trials and dirt bike riding. He is offering these manuals to you free and you don’t get better than that.

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials NZ           

Moto Trials Report Sept 11
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