My new Sherco 2012 by Alan Honeybone

 Recently I had to make a decision as to what new trials bike I would buy. I decided early on that the Monty is too big for me but a dream to own as they just last forever. I love the look of the Gas Gas and love their motor, but for an inflexible old man they are hard to ride. I seem to find wheel spin everywhere. So it looked liked I would own another Beta as I love riding the new Evo and they are always good to own as they last well and sell easily. The only things I don’t like about the Beta are the forks and their seals and the fact that the kick start is very high for a short arse.

After doing a lot of research and talking with “What’s-it-worth” Ross and I decided to buy the new Sherco and if we didn’t like them to admit defeat and plead with John to sell us some new Betas.

When they arrived we were both amazed at the improvement over the 2010 model which always seemed to me to be rushed onto the market. The 2012 model has a new motor which is really sweet, new wheels, new Tech forks which are awesome, new steering yokes, new radiator, new back shock and linkages and a new improved petrol tank and air inlet system. I thought I would see how water tight the air system is and tried aiming the hose right at the inlet holes, and found it is possible to get water near the filter but the ducting keeps it well away from the carb. On my 250 this is a dellorto and on Ross,s 290 a Keihin. Both work very well

Our bikes came assembled which was very nice. By the time I finished work Ross had picked up the bikes and stripped his to check for grease and stuff and had reassembled after finding that all was already well. I still have done nothing to mine except follow Karl Clarkes advice to lower the rear brake lever and my own advice to put the bars into the short arse setting.

I have been amazed at the improvement from my old 2006 model and I think it is a major leap forward from the 2010 model.

My first ride was at the Kaikoura show riding a course that David Trewin had designed and I was really happy with the handling over big unpleasant stuff. Not being riding fit having only ridden the Greybeards trial since October I was amazed at the saving in energy of riding a very light bike. It feels like a 125 with lots of power.

My first serious ride and 4th time on the bike was the south Island champs. Slippery Banks Peninsula creeks have always caused me grief but I found the new ST250 handled the slime with ease and also with an extra 2 or more pounds pressure in the rear tyre. I find the steering a pleasure and lock adequate, somewhere between the Beta and the GasGas

Suspension is very good at both ends and soon I will know if the linkages are still easy to strip and grease. Karl Clarke rode the bike(nearly as well as I do) and was so impressed he dragged Brady over to ride it and spent all weekend trying to convince him to buy one. Eveyone who has ridden the bike mentions the huge tractibility of the bike. I am not sure whether it is just the motor that gives it the grip or if the total design just works so well.

My thinking is that now you have a genuine choice in easy to ride bikes and if you buy the Sherco or Beta you will be very happy

See you at the next Trial



My new Sherco 2012 by Alan Honeybone
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