MNZ AGM and Workshops May 18/19 2012

Your clubs have already been advised of the AGM at Queenstown this year and I am writing to the Moto Trials members to outline our workshop topic/s. While GROWTH is to me the single most important issue [especially growth in the younger age groups] I would like to move forward with “classes” [or grades as most will call them].         

Growth can only be achieved with good club health, harmony and a good sustainable “club growth plan”.         

As commissioner I can only urge you to adopt a growth strategy. But I CAN try to structure our competitions so that they are “well oiled and without friction”. Feedback tells me we are not quite there yet and ‘classes’ seem to be your biggest issue. You have a variety of complaints ranging from too many classes to not enough championship classes. I have been listening and adapted what I have termed the VCS classes which have been well publicised but have meet with a threat of rejection for other than the two classes currently using the system.          

Another class that has been promoted for sometime is the “Masters” class and in some ways this also has my support and could well be put in place as soon as voted ‘in’.         

Of course the status quo is always an option but that would need an understanding from ‘proposers for change’ that the majority are happy with things the way they are.         

Other topics: 

I have been asked by MNZ to prepare a calendar by end of April for all Trials champs in 2013. With good representation at Queenstown we could rubberstamp that calendar. We are also looking for a club preferably from N.I.] to host 2013 NZ champs. Hopefully we can have that settled as well.         

If time permits I would like feedback on the future of our electronic admin system that John Ravenscroft has established and wants relief operators trained to ease his need to travel.          

There should also be some time for topics of general nature.         

There is only one time of the year that I can get any sort of understanding among a group of riders and that is at a workshop. We all get to hear each side of the debate and we understand the democracy process. That process is lost in the email world. I would love to see you in Queenstown.         

To summarize the topics will be:

…..VCS for older age groups?

…Masters class for NZ champs?

…No classing changes at all. Will contentment prevail?

…Calendar commitments. NZ championship hosting

.…Electronic Entry and Results. Where to next?

…Your topics?          

I cannot give you a scheduled time for the Trials workshop yet but I am arriving in Queenstown around midday on Fri 18th May and there is nothing to stop us talking trials from that time. I will assume at this stage that the Trials workshop could be on Fri afternoon [after 1.00pm] or Sat between 8.30am and 3.30pm. There is a good amount of fun organised as support for the AGM weekend. See you there.

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials

The scheduled time for Moto Trials workshop at MNZ AGM weekend in Queenstown is 11.00am on Sat 19th May.

Jim Henderson for Moto Trials 

MNZ AGM and Workshops May 18/19 2012
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