Team DOM Rides (Rode) Again

One of the worst things about getting old is you lose your memory. Apparently I was supposed to write a report on our last trip to the North Island Champs but I forgot. So now it is a month later and I have to contend with my EOA (early onset Alzheimer’s) and my BNF (bloody near fifty) syndrome and try and write something. Well here’s what I can remember…..

The trial was in Wellington

That made it a relatively easy commute for us. Early start on Friday morning, lunchtime Ferry sailing and we were at our accommodation in time for dinner.


The Resort

Ross was again in charge of accommodation and he really out did himself. Even though it was school holidays he managed to score a “winter special” on a couple of apartments. They were awesome, everything we needed and a room with a queen sized bed each and all for only a few dollars more than we would normally pay. The bar has been raised now and there are great expectations of what’s in store next time.

The “Mung-Ga-Tooks”

They were as slippery and greasy as I remember them. I reckon instead of going to hell, dead trials riders end up spending eternity riding over those rocks and tree roots on bikes with bald tires and no suspension. Having said that it was an alright trial and as far as I know no-one got lost.

 Day 2 section 10

It was obvious from the results that everyone else, apart from me, rode that section wrong and they all missed the really hard bit which is why I was the only person to “dab” there all day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it and I don’t care what Rat says.

Getting a Shower

Contrary to popular belief the Top Ten Holiday Park won’t let you have a shower no matter how much you’re prepared to pay. The local swimming pool however is a different story. You can get a shower there and hire a towel for about $5. So next time you’re in Wellington with a couple of hours to kill and are sharing a van with 3 other smelly trials riders, try the swimming pool.

 Doing “a runner”

This is not to be attempted in Oriental Parade. We stopped at a restaurant that had one of those “all you can eat” salad bars. While we were there some guy had “all he could eat”, then ran out through the fire escape. After a bit of drama which included three fire engines and a couple of cop cars we heard the “offender” had been hit by a car just down the road. Not quite the free meal he had anticipated.

The Ride Home

I don’t actually remember much about the ride home; apart from not being able to sleep because Rat keep opening the window and swearing a lot about smelly trials riders. I don’t know, I think he’s losing it…we had all had showers!

Team DOM Rides (Rode) Again
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