Nut Buster Hard Enduro Saturday 29th September 2012

Are you bored of the same old, same old? Do you fancy something a little different for tea tonight?

Do you want to be part of the growing trend to ride your trials bike around a hard enduro course?

Are you inspired by Dougie, Jarvis, Birch, Walker or Hemmingway? 

North Island trials riders have been doing it for years at the No Way in Hell Enduro and more recently the Red Bull City Scramble. How hard can it be? Even John Lawton has given it a go.

The 2012 Nut Buster is about as close as you can get in Canterbury. Myself (McBeale) and JR (McRegan) are going. Come join us – the more the merrier!

Enter on the day. The organisers have said trials bikes are welcome – "please enter".

Clubman class available with MNZ day license option.

Event numbers will be provided for the front of our bikes.

All we have to do is turn up and not sit down for 20+km. How hard can it be?

Details here:

and here:

content.pdf (116.82 kb)

Plus, there are pics and a video on the "Nutbuster Hard Enduro" Facebook page (for those of you embracing the 21st Centruy).

Or ask me for more info.

Nut Buster Hard Enduro Saturday 29th September 2012
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