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Training Camp with current world 7th champion Jack Challoner


New Zealand has the opportunity to bring Jack Challoner to show us kiwis how it’s done in the world championships. Also attending will be Jacks minder Dan Clark who has also competed in the world rounds in the past.
We are looking at having three training camps one in Tauranga one in Wellington and the last one in Christchurch.  These camps will be held in November 2013 but dates will be confirmed at a later date.
These camps will be held on a weekend and will run for two days. We are limiting numbers per training camp to make sure you get your money’s worth and to make sure you get one on one with these two top riders.
This is a great opportunity to be able to be trained by a current top ten world trials rider. Both Jack and Dan hold training schools back in the UK and they are always popular.
Training days will be split into two groups and you will then swap over so you all get time with both lads.
1st option is $40 per day to participate in a full days training with your own bike.
2nd option is $20 per day to watch only and take it all in.

Training days will only be open to the two options above!

Your training fee will be going towards fundraising for their airfares.

Jack will put on a demo at lunch time so you will get to see up close just how good this lad really is!

We are just looking at numbers on who would be interested in attending these camps at this stage with more info to come.

North Island riders please contact John Ravenscroft and South Island riders please contact Karl Clark.


Jack Challoner Training.pdf (1.14 mb)

Training Camp with current world 7th champion Jack Challoner
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