To Stop or Not to Stop: These are the opinions

Hi everyone


Here's the results of the poll initiated by Mark Sidebotham and scrutineered by Andy Anderson.


Considering the size of our sport and the valid third opinion mentioned in the PDF attached I think the turnout has been quite good.


It should be remembered that this poll gives people's opinions only. We don't know if they voted for what they want themselves or if they voted for what they think would be best for the sport. What is best for the sport is also of opinion too, I don't think we have any scientific measure for that. But at least we have a better feel for the size of two different opinions.


It should also be remembered that this is New Zealand, where referendums can cost many millions without binding the decision makers in any way at all! This poll doesn't mean that anyone has to change what they were going to do.


That said, thanks to the voters for getting involved, and please would the "key" people in each district organise to get the results out to the troops so that everyone can know what transpired.


Cheers, Happy New Year, and raise your glasses to another year getting sweaty and dirty and happy!




Voting Results Letter.pdf (72.21 kb)

To Stop or Not to Stop: These are the opinions
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