NZ Super bike Championship Weekend 9th-10th January 2016

Ruapuna RaceWay 2016 New Zealand Superbike Championship Weekend 9th-10th January 2016

When Dean James first approached the club to provide a demo of trials bikes at the Ruapuna RaceWay SuperBike 2016 New Zealand Superbike Championship Weekend at the Mike Pero Motorsport Park it was touch and go if the club would accept. It was however decided to make the effort and attend, with support from club members and the most welcome support from Brendon, and Gareth Wadsworth, (Marlborough Trials Centre), and Neil Belvoir. Thursday saw Peter Dunn, Christine Thompson and collect fence posts from GoldPine, (many thanks for their support) and Dean James arrive with a large collection of various different sized pallets from Carters(again many thanks to Carters for their support). Peter and Peter Milner but their heads together and after a number of strong cups of tea came up with some devilish difficult obstacles. Our friendly tractor driver Bryce helped with the setup and even provided two tractor tiers to add some further interest to the obstacles.

Day 1 saw an early start for both the Blenheim and Pioneer crews to finish setting up the obstacles, marques, TV etc. The weather was kind to us, being sunny and warm. There were no set times for bike demonstrations, the guys and girl riders simply played all day long on both days, stopping only for lunch and to watch the super bike racing from time to time, or ride off into the pit area on their bikes to see what else was happening. The photo galley which accompanies this article contains just some of the photos taken over the two days. Throughout the day members of the public came and watched the demonstrations and talked to Peter and Brendon. Mobile phones being used as cameras where in much evidence and Dean James one of the Raceway event organisers reported that a number of spectators commented to him how much they enjoyed seeing the trials riders and watching the demonstrations. The club took the opportunity to promote the Kaikoura 3 Day event to those people who expressed an interest.

Day 2 started with some very windy but sunny weather. Dave Trewin, Gareth, and Brendon where joined by Stef Downs and Ryan Hampton and both provided great entertainment for the watchers. Christine cooked lunch both days and Peter and Christine had the pleasure of the Blenheim crew to stay at their home on the Friday and Saturday. As it was Brendon’s birthday on Saturday the gallery includes a photo of the birthday cake he received. There were three memories that stand out over the two days which the author remembers in particular, the first being Peter rushing around on the second day patching up the obstacles where 6 inch lag bolts used in their construction had been broken, the second being the expression on Dave’s face while trying to free his bike from the tractor tyre on the second day, (see gallery), and the third and by no means the least was watching Gareth perform many of the trials moves on a bicycle indeed going as far as spinning 360 degrees in mid-day, way to go Gareth! Our thanks also to Ashley for her support of David, and Sandra and Roy Hallie

The Event finished at 4pm on the Sunday and after saying our goodbyes we parted. Monday saw Peter and Christine, with help from Bryce our helpful tractor driver remove and return the pallets to Carters and fence posts to GoldPine, again thanking both for their help and support.

Christine Thompson.

NZ Super bike Championship Weekend 9th-10th January 2016
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