Summer Series Overall results

This year the Mick Andrews Cup for the most Championship points over the Summer Series is shared by Glenn Smith and Rob McKay who both finished the series with 117 points each.

To view Lynette’s great photos of the trial at McQueen’s Valley please click on the following link: Flickr

The final placings are as follows:


1st         Glenn Smith                              117 points

2nd        Shane Brons                             93 points

3rd         Derek Scott                               91 points



1st          Ross Bristol                               115 points

2nd        John Regan                                 89 points

3rd         Alan Honeybone                     83 points

Clubman A

1st           Rob McKay                                117 points

2nd          Ashley Duncan                        100 points

3rd          Peter Barnett                            66 Points


1st           Tim Bassett                                75 points

2nd          Ryan Taylor                                64 points

3rd           Kahu Jones                                 47 points


1st            Stef Downes                              25 points

2nd          Karolyn Jules                             22 points

Summer Series Overall results
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