2022 Kaikoura 3 days Entry List


Riders entry list as of June 3rd

Entries close on Friday 3rd June.

Link to the entry form: Click here

  Rider’s name Motorbike brand Motorbike specifications Grade
1 Wayne Harper Honda Twin_Shock Blue
2 Tim Bassett Gas gas None Yellow
3 Finn Pearce Beta None Blue
4 John Regan Beta Evo None Yellow
5 Paul Mountstevens Beta None Red
6 Liam Ross Vertigo None Yellow
7 John Ross Trs None Red
8 Brian Chambers James Twin_Shock White
9 Amy Jones TRS None White
10 David Trewin Gas gas None Red
11 Barry Schroder gas gas None Yellow
12 Shane Brons Beta None Yellow
13 Daniel Baker Shergas None White
14 William Baker Sherco None Blue
15 Jason Baker Sherco None Red
16 Kevin Tither Gas Gas None Yellow
17 Tom Beedles Gasgas None Red
18 Peter Barnett Fantic Twin_Shock White
19 Derek Pike Trs None Green
20 Steve Fisher Sherco None Blue
21 Chris Presto Gas Gas None Blue
22 Brent Nielson trs None Yellow
23 Jo Gallen Gas Gas None White
24 KEITH RUTHVEN sherco None Green
25 Russell Begley Montesa None Blue
26 David Davies sherco None Blue
27 Rhys Bayliss Sherco None Red
28 Tui Scott Sherco None Green
29 Ross Bristol sherco None Yellow
30 Adrian Walcroft Beta None Green
31 Kevin Pinfold Vertigo 250 None Red
32 Alan Honeybone Sherco None Yellow
33 Alistair Gilmour Yamaha TY175 Twin_Shock Blue
34 Dave Chambers Sherco None Blue
35 Tony Smith Yamaha or Sherco depending on ignition arriving Twin_Shock Green
36 Rita magson scorpa None Green
37 Lynnda barry trs None White
38 philip knowles beta None Green
39 james knowles beta None Green
40 Monique Weir TSR None Blue
41 Arron Eades TRS None Yellow
42 Kendall McDonald honda Side_Chair White
43 Emily Willard Sherco None Blue
44 Zack Furniss Gasgas Cadet None Green
45 Mark Sidebotham Vertigo None Yellow
46 Peter Hosking Beta None Green
47 GRAEME HIBBS beta Air_Cooled Green
48 Cathy Wadsworth Sherco Air_Cooled White
49 Connor Newton Sherco None Yellow
50 Mike Ward TRS None Green
51 Gabrielle Gundry Gas Gas None Yellow
52 Kevin Gundry Montesa 315R None Red
53 Gareth Wadsworth Sherco 250 Air_Cooled Red
54 Christine Thompson Montesa None Blue
55 Peter Dunn Montesa None White
56 Wayne Furniss Gasgas None Yellow
57 Stephen Reij OSSA Twin_Shock Green
58 Geoff March Beta None Green
59 Shirley McDonald Trs None Blue
60 Brent Downes Trs None Yellow
61 Jason Roberts Beta Side_Chair White
62 kim pedersen Honda None Yellow
63 Derek Scott Beta Side_Chair White
64 Richard Latimer Vertigo None White
65 Ken Hosking Beta None Green
66 Paul Jackson Beta Side_Chair Blue
67 Francis Sydenham Vertigo None Green
68 Colin Downs Vertigo None Red
69 Shane Ace unsure at this stage None Green
70 simon hopkins trs None Red
71 Paul Simmonds TRS 300rr None Yellow
72 Jules Huguenin Beta Side_Chair White
2022 Kaikoura 3 days Entry List
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