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Guys, A big thanks from the organizers for making last weekend such an enjoyable occasion. A special thanks to all of you who traveled down from the North Island. Attached are the final results. There is more data than even the geekiest of you will be able to handle!   The computer identified a couple of arithmetic and card reading errors. These did not change the Championship Placings on either day, however the 2nd and 3rd place results for the Intermediate combined scores have changed hands. Glen, you now pip Warwick by one point. I’ll leave it up to you guys to exchange trophies…….a good excuse for you, Warwick, to come down to either Kaikoura or the other SI Rounds!!. Thanks again, Gordon Anderson

Points Sheet SI Champs 2009 – Final.xls (317.50 kb)

2008 Marty Rush Memorial Greybeards Trial

A Grade 

Dick Gardiner         -44

Mel Banks               -41

Brent Downes         -9

Keith Brown            -8

Kendall McDonald +2

Graeme Slee            +9   

B Grade 

Nelson Turner         -37

Graeme Johnston    -33

Ted Tomlinson         -28.5

Peter Hosking          -15

John Simons            -12

Andy Hammond     -3

Roy Hallie                +5

Shirley Simpson       +20

Andy Kimber            +32