South Island Championships Christchurch 2008

South Island Championships Christchurch 2008

Disappointingly only thirty-three riders turned out for the 3rd and 4th round of the South Island Champs in Christchurch.

Day one was held at a new venue which was a great property but the weather turned on us resulting in everyone returning high scores and two or three sections becoming un-ride able. The sections setting was challenging for all grades with a mixture of rocks and grassy hillsides. Thanks to Derek who had a big off and couldn’t complete the day he managed to take some photos that will be posted on this website. 

 Brad Hibbs

  Day two the weather was brilliant but the rain from the previous days meant the sections were still very difficult. Back to the familiar Kaituna Valley but with some new sections. The sections were based around creeks, slippery rocks and greasy banks. The terrain allowed the competitors to rev out their bikes especially on section 6 where the spectators gathered.

Overall we found the weekend to be very challenging but enjoyable with good results for our riders as the results will show.

Southern Trials Group

P.S. Where are all the riders and why are they not turning up?

South Island Championships Christchurch 2008
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