N.Z. Championships 2009 – Wellington

Hello All


The entries are coming in slowly but surely, thank you for all those that have entered already, those however that have not the clock is ticking.


We will be changing with tradition a little in our format for how the days will be made up. 

Day 1 will see inter-club teams championships, a team will consist of one red/orange rider, one intermediate rider, one president rider and/or clubman/junior.  So get your teams ready.  I am sure that some clubs will have excess of one grade and lack of another so maybe some deals can be made.


Day 2 we will be running expert day, a new venue for most so no advantage to any.


Day 3 will be the inter-island teams champs, hopefully having this on the final day will give Colin and Paul a form guide for picking their teams.


As our trials commissioner has said Ixion has informed him that Saturday afternoon at the Gold Coast Charter Club would be a good time for a trials group chat, as said in the sup regs some light nibbles will be provided by Ixion at this venue.


A few people have queried whether we will be running grades if the numbers are below the minimum of 6 entries, at this stage we will be running all the grades that we have catered for.


Any questions regarding the event or format please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the club.




Carl Robson

Ixion Motorcycle club

N.Z. Championships 2009 – Wellington
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