What a fantastic start to the Pioneer Summer Series 2010. Thirty four riders and many supporters turned up at the Glen Elg oven on the second day of our summer. Half the field were fairly tired after a day’s training with Brendon and Karl, the rest had no excuse.

The sections had been quickly thrown in after the training by a large group of volunteers and turned out to be absolutely superb.

Three of the sections used for the training on Saturday were used. It was great to ride them in a trial and have the pressure of a score card to make you go clean.

Shane had an amazing start to the day on a borrowed Montesa 4RT, dropping only two points on his first lap. However once he got the feel for the machine he managed to lose far more points. Future President of the Pioneer club Alan Duthie had a lap on the Triumph cub to sort it out for next weekend and returned an amazing score of only seven points lost. He then jumped on the ex Shane Beta and pretty much forgot to put his feet down. Alan seems to have fallen in love with his Beta and must be a contender at the NZ Champs for either a win in A grade or Presidents

The club captain Scotty and John Hainsworth kept the pressure on finishing third.

Captain T put the pressure on in Clubbies and cleaned up both our future champions Bradley and David.

An awesome day. Twenty-four hours later I still feel dehydrated and exhausted and can’t wait until the next round at Okuku. Let’s try to get fifty riders to this one.

Keep your feet up


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