This has been a very good year for the Pioneer Motorcycle club. Finances are very strong because of the strong control Ross Bristol has taken of the accounts. 

Membership is growing at a good rate. This can be attributed to an excellent website, plus the introduction of practice and formal training days, where the emphasis is changed from competition to comradeship and helping each other learn. 

It has been very pleasing to see young riders joining Pioneer and with the Jake Whitaker, Karl Clarke and of course super bike salesman Brendan Wadsworth training sessions, the level of riding from these members is improving so fast I can see we will have a new Expert champion next year. It is a challenge for all of us to ensure that these riders are looked after so well that they stay in the sport and encourage other young people to join. One real benefit of having the young riders is that they bring their parents who are proving to be an asset to the club by helping in many ways. 

Highlights of the year would be: 

Three new properties so far this year and with the efforts of Andy Beale and Paul Delis we may soon have our very own man made practice area at the Waimak 

Hosting the first sporting Trial in Timaru for about 20 years plus the potential to get Trials running again in Timaru. So many new faces on bikes and a real buzz in the club. 

So many new bikes in the club, but where did all the old ones go? 

We ran a very good South Island champs without rain and snow. This was the beginning of our more sensible sections era, which is proving to make people smile all the way home. 

The main highlight to me has been a very efficient committee with a range of skills and an attitude to get things done. 

Thank you to all the people who have made my motor cycling so enjoyable this year. 

Alan Honeybone


Pioneer motorcycle club 

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